All Night With The Boss
By Dina Smith
Jan 7, 2008 - 1:33:37 PM

Lissa Coleman is in London on a working visa from New Zealand , and has worked as a temp for Franklin and Co. for the past five months. During that time she has been asked out by almost all of the available men there, but having an office affair is a mistake that Lissa will never make again.

Rory Baxter is a confirmed bachelor and work-a-holic, but that doesn’t mean he has no time for fun. The first time Rory set eyes on Lissa, he knew he had to have her in his bed, at least for one night. Convincing Lissa to act on her feelings is going to take a lot of sweet-talking, but Rory has the perfect plan to keep her close by.


Lissa was excited when she found out she had been hand-picked for the company’s newest project, until she found out who was running it. How is she supposed to keep her mind on her work when all she can think about is how gorgeous Rory looks in his suit and how incredible he must look out of it?   When Rory finally convinces Lissa to give in to her feelings, will it be more than both of them can handle?


ALL NIGHT WITH THE BOSS is a fun, sexy read that will test your every emotion and leave the reader feeling completely satisfied. As much as I understood Lissa’s reluctance, I was rooting for Rory all the way, he was the perfect hero to the end. ALL NIGHT WITH THE BOSS is Natalie Anderson’s debut novel, and if this is just a taste of what she has to offer, then romance readers are in for a real treat.

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