All Over You
By Sarah W
Apr 1, 2007 - 2:26:00 PM

Grace Wellington knows sexy when she sees it, but to Grace, no man better epitomizes sex and devilry than actor Mac Harrison. He is her fantasy man and she is quite content to keep him in that role. Unfortunately, her career will not let her. As script editor for the popular soap opera Ocean Boulevard, Grace is about to have her dreams and reality merge. Mac will be directing the big wedding special, the special Grace happens to be writing. Talk about close contact! Grace cannot let her dreams become reality though. Been there, done that with very painful results. But no matter how much she tries to keep Mac at bay, being thrown together so much at work has led to some very sexy antics in the bedroom. But Mac is a heartbreaker, right? There is no way he wants something serious with Grace.

Mac is very impressed with script editor Grace Wellington’s skill at creating dynamic on-screen stories. He is even more impressed with her curvy figure, witty mind, and lovable personality. Mac has never been a man for commitment, but with Grace, he is starting to think commitment is the only way to go. Their encounters blaze with passion and, dare he hope, love. But Grace has no plans to fall in love, ever again. Mac is a fantasy and she has to show him that fantasy has no place in her life on a permanent basis.


ALL OVER YOU is utterly fantastic! Grace and Mac are irresistible together. They have fun together, laugh, bicker, and strengthen their relationship through steamy intimacy. Sarah Mayberry brings this story to life with humorous dialogue, moving love scenes, and a plot that moves along at a brisk pace. But it is more than anything, Mac and Grace who make this story so wonderful. Grace has a soft heart and no matter how many hardships she has faced, her heart has not hardened. Her reasons for avoiding love make complete sense but Grace, ever the optimist, cannot completely block out Mac’s charm and warmth. He is as sexy as her fantasy, but getting to know him, both the reader and Grace come to see the depth and the subtle nuances of his character that make him a mature and loving man. ALL OVER YOU is a book you will not easily put down, but also, a book you will easily pick up time and time again. Kudos to Ms. Mayberry for her quality romance.

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