All Revved Up

Author: Sylvia Day

Publisher: Sylvia Day

Release Date: April 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5, RR

Format: EBOOK

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Miguel Santos is living an unhappy life. He has been in a relationship with a woman he does not even care about. It is not until she wants to get married that Miguel realizes he needs to get out. He travels back home with one goal in mind. He wants to track down the woman he had to leave behind years ago.

When Miguel first arrives in his hometown, he goes straight to Faith's place of business, an auto shop. Just smelling the familiar smells is almost enough to make him crave Faith, but seeing her face-to-face makes him want her that much more. Miguel asks her to meet with him for dinner, and things quickly heat up between them. Unfortunately, Faith has a few secrets that may just have Miguel running away.

ALL REVVED UP is fast-paced and super hot. Sylvia Day's characters are as charming and sexy as ever. Miguel and Faith have a lot of emotional turmoil they must deal with before they can be happy together. They have a second chance at love, and that is so rare. Ms. Day knows how to hook her readers. ALL REVVED UP most assuredly lives up to its namesake. It is a pulse-pounding read from beginning to end. I have not read a book by Ms. Day that I have not enjoyed. She has made a fan out of me. I am anxiously awaiting the release of her next novel, A TOUCH OF CRIMSON.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: pamelalynne

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