All Summer Long

Author: Susan Mallery

Publisher: HQN

Release Date: August 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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Charlie Dixon is a firefighter in Fool’s Gold, California. She loves her job of helping people and being a vital part of the community. She has a good life and great friends but lately, Charlie has been craving more. She wants kids and perhaps a husband. Unfortunately, making that transition to a relationship with any man has been difficult because Charlie was raped and has never received the help she needs to move forward. She thinks she is doing okay but the thought of being intimate with a man is still painful. Lately, Charlie has struck up a friendship with former underwear model Clay Stryker, a man also trying to overcome something in his past. She has a proposition for him that will hopefully help them both.

When Charlie asks him to help her get comfortable with men again, with intimacy, he is a bit taken aback but also willing to help her. They have a good friendship going and while he does not want to see it ruined, he is also attracted to the strong and vital Charlie, who does not let her guard down easily. Clay is also busy trying to get his business going in Fool’s Gold though that is taking more effort than he planned. It is hard for him to escape his past as a male model and the connotations that puts on his character. Charlie and Clay have much to prove,s and working together, they may just find something more than friendship waiting for them.

ALL SUMMER LONG is my favorite recent Fool’s Gold novel and it is because Charlie and Clay are so special. They are great together! Charlie is a strong woman who has been looked down on because of her rather strapping appearance. She has never felt all that feminine but Clay is showing her that he appreciates every side of her and that her femininity is something equally vital to her character. For Clay, Charlie shows him how to throw off the yoke of the past and move forward. They make a great team. Clay does not rush Charlie into anything but moves patiently forward with her. Charlie is also starting to realize she has to work on other relationships in her life, including the recent sudden appearance of her mother. Charlie needs to work on healing all parts of herself and that is a tough realization for her at first. But the story slowly works that out and nothing is rushed. Charlie’s healing and Clay’s business endeavors become entwined into the general life of Fool’s Gold, with obstacles and positive results on all sides.

ALL SUMMER LONG is a great story. It is positively romantic and Susan Mallery wows readers yet again.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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