All That Glitters

Author: Cynthia Henry

Publisher: Scheherazadetales

Release Date: currently not available

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Julie had fallen head over heels in love with Kevin Sutherland while he played a baseball game in her hometown. It wasn't very long afterwards that they knew they were meant to be together. Their love was the type of love to last a lifetime.

What Julie hadn't counted on was getting pregnant and then marrying Kevin very soon after they first met. Julie shared the news with her family, who was very religious, and they shunned her completely. But, even though that bothered her, she knew she would be all right as long as Kevin was in her life.

Shortly after breaking the news to her family, they shared the news with Kevin's family. And the shock of what they had to say was worse than Julie's parents could have ever dreamed of saying.

But, both Kevin and Julie held their heads up high, they were so deeply in love that what people thought or said didn't matter to them.

What they didn't count on was Kevin's whole family hating Julie. They hated her so badly that they tried to punish Kevin for marrying her by letting them live in a cottage at the end of the Sutherland drive. He worked as a delivery driver for their company, when by rights, Kevin and Julie should have lived in the mansion and Kevin should have been working in a cushy corner office.

Kevin was not ashamed of Julie and he proudly took the job as a delivery driver. But things changed rapidly for everyone, his parents included.

On one delivery, Kevin's driving buddy was at the wheel and fell asleep. They ended up veering off the road and had a horrible accident, taking both their lives.

Julie was now left with no husband, and raising two sons on her own. And every step of the way, Kevin's family tried to run her out of town. But she knew deep down inside the reason Kevin stayed in the cottage and she promised she wasn't going to budge until her oldest son was done with the school year.

Kevin's mother, Angelica, asked Tom Marr to convince Julie to leave the cottage before the end of the school year. Tom went to visit her, but Julie stuck to her guns. She was staying put.

Angelica didn' t take that lightly. She took it upon herself to offer a hefty amount of money just to make Julie go away, but Julie flatly refused.

Tom went back to talk to Julie, to see what he could do to try to get her to leave. What Tom didn't count on was the stories he had heard from the family weren't exactly the truth. And the more he talked to Julie, the more he was growing fond of her. There was just a tiny little problem with that. Tom was engaged to Kevin's sister!

Angelica found out about this and instead of bringing it to anyone's attention right away, she began planning ways to make Julie pay. It was bad enough that Julie made Kevin settle. Now, she had Tom in her sights too. Angelica was pulling no punches. The gloves were off and she'd do whatever she had to so that Julie-the-tramp would suffer.

Does Angelica follow through with the threat to get rid of Julie and make her suffer for tearing her family apart? Was Tom honest with Julie about how he felt about her? And what about his soon to be bride, does she find out that Tom has feelings for Julie, the same Julie who she can't even stand to look at, let alone mention her name on her lips?

ALL THAT GLITTERS is well written and you can't help but be drawn into the story. You'll find yourself rooting for Julie and her children every step of the way. I highly recommend that you read this book.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Kimberly Leslie

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