All That I Need (A Grayson Friends Novel)
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 9, 2013 - 5:01:59 AM

Fallon Marshall is particularly sensitive when it comes to the subject of auctions so Lace Saxton never stood a chance of winning a smidgen of a chance with her once she learned that he runs an auction house.  She had a few truths pointed out to her and realizes that she owes him an apology for her attitude the last time they met, but never expected their next encounter to put her firmly in his territory – an old estate in Santa Fe that he’s in charge of auctioning off.  As a traveling journalist she believes she can bring the house’s previous occupants, their hopes, dreams and their legacy to life for her readers, she never imagined it would kindle a desire within herself as well.

Lance Saxton takes great pride in his auction house.  Unlike some unscrupulous auctioneers he puts his clients first and does his very best to ensure a successful auction for everyone involved.  While his triumphs on the business front have been hugely rewarding and he’s able to travel and enjoy everything life has to offer, his love life leaves much to be desired.  Fallon’s the first woman who’s tempted him to believe in forever, but if he can’t get his personal issues straightened out he might just lose out on the best thing that’s ever happened to him.


There’s no denying the immediate attraction between Lance and Fallon, but there are trust issues to overcome and since Fallon’s a journalist who’s almost always on the go it would just complicate things for them to become romantically involved.  Emotionally, there’s a pull between them that’s impossible to deny, but when push comes to shove, Lance finds it impossible to put his heart on the line – and Fallon will accept nothing less.


Francis Ray’s latest novel ALL THAT I NEED has been a bittersweet read for me since learning of her recent passing.  Fortunately I’m able to smile just knowing that she poured her heart into bringing these characters to life for readers – and even gifts us with little life lessons in the storylines.  ALL THAT I NEED is the second book in the GRAYSON FRIENDS series and it was a genuine pleasure to get to revisit characters from previous stories and find out what’s happening in their lives.  Fallon and Lance had difficult childhoods for one reason or another and that plays into the people they are today and contributes to the conflict between them.  I really enjoyed watching them grow as not just a couple but as individuals as well.  ALL THAT I NEED is a wonderful addition to the GREYSON FRIENDS series – and a tribute to Ms. Ray’s legacy as a much beloved author.


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