All U Can Eat
By Heather M. Riley
May 5, 2006 - 6:12:00 PM

Frankie Smith has been with Troy for five years. When he announces he's leaving her she knows there must be someone else. She's hurt and furious. Days later a woman is murdered behind Frankie's diner. The victim's resemblance to Troy's new woman leads many to believe Frankie is guilty. While Frankie will take any excuse to spend time with hot Chief of Police Jack West, she would prefer his frisking to be for pleasure rather than business. Can Frankie convince him to put his cuffs to a better use? While she waits for Jack to come to his senses, she doesn't mind having a fling or two. After all, the best way to get over an old guy is to get under a new one.

Jack West has been attracted Frankie Smith for a long time. He wants more from Frankie than just a brief affair, but he's too afraid to start anything more serious. When Frankie becomes a top suspect in the murder case he's working, Jack fears his attraction to her will get in the way of his investigation. A search of the victim's home turns up shocking evidence. It seems anyone could have had motive to kill her. Jack knows he has to close this case fast, but will he find the murderer in time?

I can't find enough good things to say about ALL U CAN EAT. Emma Holly has done an amazing job on this story! Every time I was forced to stop reading, I would spend the next hour gushing about what I'd just read. Frankie and Jack have a chemistry that is explosive! The love scenes are so hot you'll want to sit in front of an air conditioner.

The mystery aspect of the story keeps you guessing. You'll never believe the secrets contained within this seemingly normal town. Even without the erotic aspects, the suspense will keep you turning the pages. ALL U CAN EAT is a must read. There are no excuses for missing out on this book.

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