All Work and No Play
By Cat Cody
Jun 1, 2007 - 2:34:00 PM

Jane Miller has worked darn hard to get where she is in one of London’s most prestigious advertising firms. Every account she works on gets one hundred percent of her attention. When the latest account involves the deliciously handsome model Jay Richard, well working overtime gets a lot easier. Or does it?

Jonny Cole, or rather Jay Richard, hates the double life he leads. He’s forced to model to help make money fast, but he’d much prefer to work on his latest book. The only thing that makes his most recent modeling job worthwhile is that he’ll be working for his good friend Jane. He hasn’t seen her in fifteen years, but they talk every day on the internet. It feels good to come clean to her and tell her that he’s not the computer geek she remembers. Only one problem, Jane doesn’t get the message until after she meets “Jay”.

Jane is instantly smitten by “Jay’s” charm and warmth. For the first time in far too long she acts on impulse and asks the gorgeous model out for dinner. As soon as she gets home, she asks her pal Jonny how she should act and dress for this date. The answers he gives surprise her, but not nearly as much as finding out, a little too late, his real identity.

Julie Cohen pens a delectably sexy story about overcoming inner demons and finding out what matters most in life. Jane’s insecurities immediately endear her to you, and Jonny’s caring and obvious love for her will melt your heart. The sparks practically fly off the page when the two characters cross paths for the first time, and the heat never lessens for the rest of the book. ALL WORK AND NO PLAY will liven up anyone’s dull day.

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