All Wrapped Up 2: Absolute Power
By Amanda Haffery
Oct 8, 2007 - 9:33:58 AM

Mia has been broken, completely and utterly broken by a man that treated her horribly. Lacking self confidence and any self respect has led her life into a new direction. Instead of being the one out of control in a situation, Mia has become a dominatrix in her own mind. She has become completely absorbed in holding her power over the most influential men in town. It's quite a thrill for Mia when she's able to bring these men to their knees. All of that is about to change though when Mia finally meets her match in Fyodor and his men.


Fyodor is a vampire who also runs a very popular nightclub, Dominion. When word of mouth sends Mia in his direction, it takes all his restraint not to hold and comfort this broken woman. Fyodor knows that he cannot do that though. He has to use force to break down her walls. Not rape, just pushing her to her very limits until she submits completely to him. This is the only way she can get past what happened to her. Passions run extremely high and so do the sparks. However, will Fyodor's part in this bring Mia closer to him or send her running from him forever?


ALL WRAPPED UP is an intriguing complexity of emotions. When I first started reading, I was almost horrified at Mia's actions and abuse of her clients. I couldn't believe a woman could be this cruel. A few pages in and I could feel Mia's anguish and hurt over something in her past and I really started enjoying her more. Mia is truly a heart-wrenching character that readers are going to love and root for.


Fyodor is every woman's fantasy come to life. He is sexy, suave, powerful and oozing confidence. He's also willing to go the distance to help save Mia by using the only means he sees possible to do so. Fyodor and Mia start out with a hate/hate relationship, but by the end, there is so much fire between them, readers are going to have to turn on a fan.

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