All You Need Is Love
By Jo
Apr 16, 2014 - 4:30:18 AM

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, GREEN MOUNTAIN #1, is set mainly in Vermont and had a large family at its core - the Abbotts.  With ten children along with their parents, grandfather and extended family it was fun to get to know them since this sets the stage for a new series by Force.  Enter New York City web designer Cameron and sparks do fly and friendships are forged.  She went to Vermont to pitch a job to them for a website for their family business and wormed her way into their hearts and them into hers.

Force's ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE is a wonderful new series by an author I've read before and enjoyed. I read several of her books in the McCarthys of Gansett Island series and jumped at the chance when offered this book to read for a review. The Abbotts are an extremely close knit family with varying personalities and interests but once they embrace you you are part of the clan!  I could visualize the Abbott family businesses - the Green Mountain Country Store and the Abbott Family Sugarhouse amongst others as well as the descriptions of their homes, the mountains, the snow and the treacherous roads and of course, Fred the town Moose. There was laughter and love, along with romance, a small town and its townspeople and lots and lots of family and friends.  The chemistry between Cameron and Will set the sheets on fire and helped warm them during the cold Vermont winter. The epilogue gave nice closure along with the bonus short story.

The bonus short story at the end, TO KNOW HER IS TO LOVE HER, featuring Will and Cameron was the icing on the cake since we see them enter the next chapter in their lives. The preview of book two in the series, I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND only whet my appetite for more and I look forward to reading it as well as future books in the series. All in all an enjoyable read that left me wanting more!

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