All or Nothing
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 1, 2006 - 6:58:00 AM

Bobbie' Richardson is struggling to keep the auto repair shop her parents had owned in business. Her ex-husband had nearly caused her to lose the shop when he'd stolen from her and almost forced her into bankruptcy. If she's going to get out from under the pile of unpaid bills, she's going to need help. She just never expected the help to come in the form of her old flame, Justin Hastings. Nor does she expect the deluge of feelings that she still has for him.

Justin Hastings had worked in the shop during high school right alongside Bobbie. He'd once even saved her from complete humiliation and they'd been together until the day of Bobbie's graduation, when he dropped the bomb and told her he had joined the Marine Corps. Now he's back and he needs her to help gain custody of his daughter from The Barracuda, also known as the mother-in-law. Justin needs a wife and he's decided that Bobbie would be perfect for that position.

Bobbie isn't thrilled to see Justin standing in her shop. It'd been seventeen years since he'd left, how dare he reenter her life now? He'd seen the help wanted sign and needs a way to get to Bobbie so working at the shop would be the ideal situation. Bobbie desperately needs the help, the Quicky-lube has been taking much of the business she would have normally gotten. What she'd really like would be to have the contract to service Dale Courtland's company cars and delivery trucks. Maybe with Justin working for her she'd have a shot of getting the contract. Justin's willing to work part time and without benefits. While she's petrified of a repeat performance of what happened with her ex-husband, Bobbie has very little choice, she must hire Justin if she wants to stay in business. She has no idea how she's going to be able to concentrate with him so close every day. Seeing Bobbie again reinforces Justin's belief that marrying her would help him gain custody of his daughter. He'll just have to find a way to convince Bobbie to give him a chance.

Barbara Sheridan's ALL OR NOTHING is an endearingly charming tale. It's full of memorable characters and humorous situations that will have the readers enthralled in the plot. Justin and Bobbie's relationship started in high school was left unfinished when Justin joined the Marines. They both married other people but neither ever really got over the feelings they had for each other. They're given a second chance at love and Bobbie goes into it as a business transaction but business isn't all she has on her mind. I adored this storyline, all the characters fit perfectly and by the end I just wanted to cheer Justin's determination. Really, a sexy guy like that with brains too is way too dangerous a combination for the female population!

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