All or Nothing
By Dorine Linnen
Jul 1, 2007 - 1:09:00 PM

Jen Maitland lives with her mother, enduring her unconventional means of showing Jen just how much she cares.   Moving back home is never easy, but for Jen, it was the answer financially and emotionally after all that she had been through.   Dealing with a serious illness has forced Jen to question her mortality, including all her hopes, and dreams, too.

Jen hasn't been willing to look to the future, not knowing if there would be one, so socially she could be considered a hermit.   Now her family is ready for her to move on, even if they have to take her love life into their own hands.   Is she ready for love?   A challenge from her sister sends her off to find out.


Zach Coxwell has been the black sheep of his family and the bane of his father's existence for as long as he can remember.   His father's tragic death has now put him in the position of becoming something on his own, without the fear of retribution or a reason for fighting expectations.   Can the family screw-up surprise everyone including himself?   Zach reaches the decisive moment when a lunch with his lifetime buddies makes him see what he doesn't want to become.   That, and a waitress who challenges his playful nature in a way no other woman has done in the past.


ALL OR NOTHING is the fourth book in Claire Cross' Coxwell Series, but reads easily as a standalone.   If you have enjoyed the previous books in the series as much as I have, you'll be pleased to know that many of the characters are back entertaining you once again.


Claire Cross epitomizes the art of telling an engrossing story with heartfelt emotion and humor mixed up in all the right places.   It's hard for me to describe what a fantastic book ALL OR NOTHING is without giving away all the surprises and emphasizing the life's humor contained.   Anyone who has dealt with challenges should read this 'feel good' book.   It's emotionally gripping, hysterically funny, and has some of the most endearing characters I've had the pleasure of reading about.


Jen and Zach are adorable together and they made me giggle like a teenager, as did most of their eccentric family members.   Don't let that fool you, there's plenty of heat and love between these two, so you'll get the full scope of everything you need in a romance, plus so much more.   ALL OR NOTHING is about life, the cards you're dealt, and how sometimes your winning hand is all about your attitude.

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