All the Fixin'
By Angel
Feb 4, 2008 - 3:48:33 PM

Shea Anderson has wanted Craig since she first met him.   One thing was apparent; Craig definitely didn’t feel the same way.   In fact he disliked Shea with a passion she couldn’t understand.   When his aunt, her best friend, dies and leaves her multi-million dollar company to Shea, Craig hits the roof.   Shea is intent on giving the company to Craig because she feels it should stay in the family.

Craig Clark can hardly believe that his aunt left her company to a perfect stranger.   Figuring that Shea is a fortune hunter he wants the company back in the family and will do whatever it takes to make it happen.   He will never reveal the strong passion he feels for her knowing you can’t mix business with pleasure.   Will he finally wind up losing his heart to the woman he has wanted for so long?


Marie Rochelle is a talent that is on her way up the best author’s list.   She combines edgy subject matter and complicated situations to hook the reader.   Shea and Craig is a couple with plenty of differences to move past.   It seems at first that they shouldn’t be together because they have nothing in common, but as the tale progresses we soon see that they have been hiding their true feelings all along.   Shea is an honest woman and her honorable intentions make her an upstanding heroine.   Craig on the other hand is crafty and cunning, a true jerk in the beginning but definitely becomes a great hero by the end.   Among some of the problems is the fact that Shea is black and Craig is white, which makes a great backdrop for the entire plot.   Marie Rochelle never fails to surprise and delight me with her impassioned characters and candid plots.

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