Damaged Heroes, Book 3 – All the Right Reasons
By Pamela Denise
Jun 15, 2009 - 8:39:12 PM

Twenty-three year old Joy Kovacs has Hungarian gypsy roots. Her family is strict in their traditions. She already has a future husband picked out for her and she is expected to run their ethnic restaurant. However, Joy dreams of being an artist and refuses to marry for any reason other than love.

Twenty-six year old Lucas Mitchell comes back from the Iraq war, his life permanently changed. He carries with him physical scars, and also, internal scars that affect him far worse than his outer markings. Trying to piece his life back together and deal with the traumas of the war, he invests his time in restoring an old mansion he purchased and rehabilitates retired racehorses.


The moment Joy lays eyes on Lucas Mitchell she feels he is destined to be the one she’ll spend her life with. Joy first sees Lucas on one of her outings to sketch an old mansion she has been taken with. As she watches Lucas working on repairs to the mansion, she decides to sketch him too. Lucas comes across a painting and the sketches of his house displayed for sale at an Arts Day event when he is searching for a birthday present for his sister-in-law. He is angered at first by the invasion of privacy, but as soon as he sees Joy, all ill-tempered feelings fly out the window.


Lucas and Joy come together naturally and a connection is formed almost immediately. Their love might have come easily, but several challenges are ahead for them. Lucas must learn to battle against his inner demons and Joy will have to stand up to her family if they want to make their relationship work.


ALL THE RIGHT REASONS is the third book in DAMAGED HEROES series. Dan Patch Raceway and the characters from MURPHY’S LAW are back as secondary characters, along with a whole set of new ones. As the series title suggests, Sandy James pens each of her main characters with adversities they must cope with. Lucas and Joy were so believable and likable. Joy’s quirky carefree attitude, and Lucas’s schooled cautious one were such a delightful contrast. I have had the wonderful opportunity to read all of her releases in the series. My only problem is deciding which one I’d pick if I had to choose a favorite. Sandy James is a truly talented author who does a magnificent job with creating works that touch the heart.  Every time I pick up one of her novels, it’s like stepping into spring time, warm and refreshing. I look forward to book four.

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