All the Way Home
By Jenn L
May 10, 2008 - 9:13:01 AM

Maggie Dean has few happy memories of her youth and teenage years. Her parents’ marriage was far from being a happy example. She flees her hometown and starts building a new life.  However, when her sister finds herself pregnant and alone, Maggie heads home to help pick up the pieces.

Sam Callaghan spent most of his youth being the wild boy in town, defying authority and living his teen years as he saw fit. Now the town bad boy is trying to build his business and improve his image in a town where many have trouble forgetting his past.


When Maggie blows back into town and into Sam's Veterinary practice with an injured dog, he's more than pleased to see her. As a teen, Maggie fueled many of his adolescent dreams, yet he never acted on them. He can't deny the attraction he still feels for her and he's hoping that she feels the same. Maggie is about to receive a homecoming she never expected.


Ms. Jenyfer Matthews' novel ALL THE WAY HOME is a touching and poignant tale of healing and rediscovery. She has taken the realities of everyday life and blended it with believable characters and a romance that slowly builds. It engulfs the reader in Maggie and Sam's lives in a way that has you cheering them on. Real emotions show both the vulnerabilities of Sam and Maggie as well as their strengths. Therefore, making each encounter all the more important to this tale and consequently, humanizing the characters for the reader.


Sam has grown through the years and through his hard work and perseverance, he has managed to build a strong foundation for his and Maggie's future. Where Sam is a complex hero, Maggie's issues and fears are much more transparent, yet they are deep and all too tangible. She has genuine fears that have her holding back some from Sam, yet she loves easily and is quick to sacrifice everything for the ones she cares for.


Well written and riddled with emotions, sisterly bonds and a deeply moving romance, ALL THE WAY HOME has secured a permanent place in my heart and on my keeper shelf. Bravo Ms. Matthews, you have delivered a novel well worth the time invested and I can't recommend it enough.

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