All the Wright Moves
By Claudette
Apr 16, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

The second software billionaire, Warrick Taylor, lays eyes on Katiya Wright, he is not merely interested in her but determined to pursue a relationship with her.
  Unfortunately for him, Katiya is just as determined to keep an emotional distance between them.  Warrick didn’t become so successful by giving up on a good thing; he is prepared to make all the Wright moves - to win Katiya’s heart.

I really enjoyed this interracial romance.  It isn’t Warrick’s wealth that makes Katiya so reluctant but simple self preservation.  Katiya has not dated for several years and has no intention of breaking her dry spell with Warrick, except that he tempts her beyond endurance.  Getting to know Warrick just makes it worse, because then she is also fighting her own feelings. 
I love that Warrick is an all or nothing kind of man.  He isn’t content to be just her lover, but wants everything, and is willing and eager to give everything of himself in return.  Doesn’t that grab your heart strings?  I’m assuming because Katiya has a large, meddling family that there are other related books, which I have not read.  I really enjoyed this one, especially because there is a strong role reversal with the female being the commitment phobe.

This novel has since been revised by the author and this review is of the original version of the novel.

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