Allegra Jackson: Sex, Booze and Designer Shoes
By Chris Mead
Jun 1, 2013 - 3:28:32 AM

Allegra Jackson has been a successful headhunter for the London branch of Valentina Blackheart Models for the last six years.  When she is offered a job revamping the L.A. office, she jumps at the chance.  With the help of her trusty sidekick Oliver, Allegra works hard to turn the L.A. office into a successful business.

Allegra has a big appetite for sex, champagne, designer clothing and shoes.  She prefers not to complicate her life with relationships, so she lives by the motto “love them and leave them".  That is until she meets Sebastian Beaumont, an American real estate mogul.  Sebastian has Allegra all mixed up; she is actually contemplating a relationship with a man for the first time in her life.

Life becomes really interesting for Allegra when her boss offers her a life changing proposition.  Allegra must now consider what is truly important to her.

I really liked Allegra and her jet-set life style.  She comes across as a very confident woman and somewhat stand-offish. She doesn’t appear to need anyone else in her life, but deep down she craves love just like every other human being. Her closet is full of designer names that any girl would be envious of.

Allegra’s sexual exploits are so hot that they sizzle off the pages.  Throughout most of the book, Allegra seems to be heterosexual but in one explicit scene she does explore sex with another woman.

I am really hoping that there will be a sequel to this wonderful story because it ended in a bit of a cliff hanger for me.  I really want to see how Allegra works her way through a life altering experience, and I feel that she has a happy ending coming to her.

ALLEGRA JACKSON SEX, BOOZE AND DESIGNER SHOES is a divinely sumptuous treat of the senses. I am looking forward to reading more from Amelia Benjamen, whose work is a blend of non-stop drama accentuated by some very hot sex scenes.  You won’t want to miss this spicy tale!

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