Cattle Valley: All Play and No Work
By Lacey
Jan 7, 2008 - 12:02:08 AM

After landing a job as Cattle Valley, Wyoming’s new sheriff, Ryan Blackfeather makes the decision to move, taking his two partners with him. The town itself is peaceful and easygoing, not even batting an eyelash at their threesome relationship, but the longer Nate and Rio stay in the town, the more they wonder what an ex-mercenary and private investigator are supposed to do.

After getting into harmless trouble numerous times, Nate and Rio meet a shop owner named Wyn, who not only provides them with nice clothing, but draws Nate’s interest when he spots bruises on the older man’s arms. Nate takes it upon himself to investigate what happened to Wyn and finds out Wyn’s ex-lover is the one marking his skin. The man that abused Wyn is a prominent citizen in Cattle Valley, one that has more power and say about what goes on than he really should.

Will Nate and Rio be able to convince Wyn to press charges against his ex-lover and let Ryan take care of everything the legal way? Or will they have to take things into their own hands and show Wyn’s ex-lover a thing or two about true loyalty and friendship?

CATTLE VALLEY: ALL PLAY AND NO WORK is a great start to Ms. Lynne’s newest series. Ryan, Rio and Nate are part of a threesome that has a wonderful relationship with one another. Ms. Lynne paints pictures with her words, giving vivid detail of her character’s world and makes the reader feel apart of it. I’m looking forward to reading the next chapter of this series.

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