Alluring Tales 2 – Hot Holiday Nights
By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 4, 2008 - 10:15:22 AM

PEACHES & CREAM by Cathryn Fox
Working as a bartender at Risque, a members-only erotic club has left Jennifer Angel with certain fantasies which she hasn’t indulged in yet.  She’s been set up on a blind date and her best friend, Cat, suggests she Google him.  She also Googles herself and discovers that she shares her namesake with a striper who goes by the name of Peaches.  Dare she make her fantasies a reality with her unsuspecting date?  After all, he has no idea she isn’t really Peaches.

 Fantasy is the name of the game with this story.  Cathryn Fox allows readers to visualize Jennifer and Jack’s first meeting in startling clarity and even a bit of wistfulness and envy.  This is a sinfully wicked tale that delights the

Harmony has harbored an infatuation with Dalton since her teenage years.  Back then she’d watched him at his most intimate moments and has fantasized about him ever since.  What better way to garner Dalton’s attention now that he’s a very sexy sheriff than skinny dipping in the very pool where she was busted years ago – by his father?

Remember that high school ‘hero’ that stared in all your fantasies?  Delilah Devlin expands on that idea and gives readers a chance to imagine what could have happened – if only that boy had noticed you.  Of course she puts a very naughty twist to the tale.


FORBIDDEN FRUIT by Lisa Renee Jones
Laura’s been infatuated with her brother’s friend Blake since her early teenage years.  She’s come home for her brother’s Super Bowl party and as soon as they see each other again the sparks start flying.  Blake’s not about to risk the friendship and closeness he shares with her family by getting involved with her but what if she devises a way for them to be together without anyone else knowing?

What a fun story!  Lisa Renee Jones masterfully brings Laura and Blake’s long denied desires to light in a big way.  What makes this story is so sinfully delightful is Laura’s spunky personality and determination to ‘win her man.’


BILLBOARD BABE by Myla Jackson
Advertising Executive Angie, a.k.a. A.J., has taken a huge risk by posing as the woman on the billboard.  Granted no one would ever realize that the traffic stopping babe is her but that doesn’t stop her from being nervous about the whole thing.  She’s most nervous about Daniel’s reaction to the billboard.  They were supposed to come up with an advertising campaign together and he has no knowledge of what she’s done.  A.J.’s secretly been in love with Daniel for years, could she seduce him using her ‘alter ego’?

Myla Jackson puts a modern spin on the Plain Jane to Belle of the Ball with absolutely delightful results – and of course plenty of sexual high jinks.  A.J. is a character many readers will be able to relate to and that alone makes her highly memorable.


WISH UPON A STAR by Sasha White
Sarah loves the BDSM lifestyle but she’s become a little disillusioned since she began taking in clients who enjoy being spanked.  While taking a few minutes to herself she notices a falling star and makes a wish for a good man.  She wants a soul mate but retains very little hope of ever finding one.  She doesn’t need to worry though, the perfect man finds her.  All she has to do is turn around and he’s right there – and he certainly isn’t happy about being sent to earth to fulfill whatever mission it is this woman requires.

Who hasn’t dreamed of finally finding their significant other?  Sasha White surprised me with this storyline because of how involved I became in the characters relationship.  Sarah and Nealon definitely heat things up quickly  and leave readers wanting more.


Max and Victoria have been extremely happy together since they defied Council’s orders and chose to remain together.  When Max claimed Victoria as his familiar he vowed to destroy the Triumvirate.  She needs closure from the death of her last master and Max is determined to give it to her.  The council won’t help them in their quest; will they be able to defeat the Triumvirate?  What they be willing to accept the consequences if they lose?

We first met and fell in love with Max and Victoria in the first ALLURING TALES anthology.  Sylvia Day delivers an emotionally charged story full of passion, adventure, and even a bit of heartbreak.  I was thrilled to revisit this couple and loved the unexpected twist to the plot.


Sangria and Vance have been on the run from the First Lady Maxine Madison and her sadistic plans for Vance for the past two years.  They’ve happily been residing in a small Oceanside beach cottage.  However time has run out.  Leon’s found them and does what he has to in order to take them to Maxine.  The situation is already complicated but it’s about to become even more tenuous because Leon’s feelings for Vance may just be what saves all their lives.

Here’s another couple we first met in the first ALLURING TALES anthology.  Vivi Anna brings an element of suspense to this book with delightful results.  Sangria and Vance are such a unique couple that you can’t help but be captivated by them.  They’re definitely a couple I enjoyed revisiting.


Once again the Allure Authors deliver an anthology that promises to hold your attention through each and every one of the stories.  Each story delivers a delightful array of erotic ventures along with memorable characters and storylines that speak to the romantics in each of us.  ALLURING TALES 2: HOT HOLIDAY NIGHTS is the perfect book to heat up those cold winter nights.

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