Alluring Tales: Awaken the Fantasy
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 5, 2007 - 3:01:00 PM

LOVER’S LOCKET by Cathryn Fox

Caira knows exactly what she wants in a man. Unfortunately the only man who incites her desires is immortalized in a painting that’s been handed down through the family for generations. When she finds a beautiful locket at a new boutique, she’s drawn to it. It’s called the LOVER’S LOCKET. By reciting the incantation etched on it Caira’s true love will be revealed, but with that revelation comes great danger as well.

Cathryn Fox will charm readers with this tale of a forbidden love that has remained strong throughout the centuries. I loved the air of mysticism throughout this story and the raw passion between Zarek and Caira.


KILI’S ICE MAN by Delilah Devlin

Kili’s fascination with the gladiator Ice Man has her in a constant state of arousal. It’s her job to present the sales pitch for the network spots with Centurion. How is she going to present a professional air if she’s drooling all over the man during the presentation? Fortunately her friend, Willa, has a way to get her mind of the hulking gladiator - a virtual vacation. Only Ice Man talks the technician into hooking him up with her without her knowing it.

Delilah Devlin allows readers to indulge in their secret fantasies about the celebrities we love to watch. Kili and Ice Man practically ignite the virtual mechanism and make it sound so promising that I’d love to give it a try.



Jessica’s trip to her nephews birthday party takes an unexpected detour when she encounters a man who reminds her of Zorro and makes her think of wild, uninhibited, orgasmic sex - the kind she’s never experienced. Circumstances arise that have them sharing a motel room and one wild night that neither will ever forget.

Who hasn’t fantasized about some man you may have seen one time in passing? Lisa Renee Jones examines the possibilities with this hot little tale. I love how this story played out right through to the end.


OUT OF THE SHADOWS by Myla Jackson

TJ works as a vampire killing cop in Houston. With a hurricane heading their way, the citizens of the city have been ordered to evacuate but that there will be people who stay behind to brave the storm. TJ’s concerned about his neighbor Cassidy. They shared a passionate encounter but she’s been avoiding him ever since. What could have happened to cause her retreat from him?

Myla Jackson composes a tale that makes waiting out a storm very enticing. TJ and Cassidy are characters that readers will adore. They’re both so ‘noble’ and well matched and have really hot sex.



Since the death of her beloved warlock, Darius, Victoria has turned feral and enjoyed defeating the High Council’s wishes to collar her at every turn. They’ve stepped things up a notch with the latest hunter they’ve sent to rein her in - Max Westin. Max is a Hunter and he knows exactly how to conquer Victoria - by loving her.

Simply delightful is the best way to describe this tale. Sylvia Day brings out all the playfully fun things that make reading about familiars so much fun and adds a suspense element that’ll have you glued to the pages waiting to learn of Max and Victoria’s fate.



For the past month Grace has consistently turned down all of Lukas’s requests for a date. He thinks that he’s lucked out when she finally agrees. Only she’s not agreeing to a date, she wants one night with no dinner and no promises. Grace needs to be with someone, to feel a warm body next to hers. Can Lukas tempt her to extend their ‘one night’ to involve dating, dinner, and everything else she’s trying to deny?

Sasha White is quickly becoming a ‘must read’ author and this tale is a prime example of why readers love her books. Grace and Lukas are polar opposites. She’s an ex-stripper and he’s a preacher’s son. She doesn’t think that she’s good enough for him. He’s out to prove that she’s wrong.



Sangria makes a living transporting mostly illegal cargo around the country. Her newest client’s attitude and knowledge of Sangria’s true identity gives her reason for concern. Sangria knows that her fears are well founded when she’s in an accident and discovers what it is that she’s being paid to transport - a sex worker named Vance.

Vivi Anna gives readers a thrill with this story. QUICK SILVER is full of unexpected events, thrilling sex, and a kick butt ending that had me snickering. Sangria and Vance aren’t your typical hero/heroine couple but that’s what makes them so delightful.

The Allure authors did a fantastic job compiling this anthology! All of these tales are vastly different, full of fascinating characters, hot sex, emotional situations, and witty dialogue. This is one of the few anthologies that I’ve read where I loved all of the stories. Each story flowed easily into the next one and I never felt like I had to stop reading before continuing onto the next author’s contribution. Wonderfully done ladies! I hope to see many more collaborative efforts in the future.

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