Almost A Family
By Michele
Jun 1, 2007 - 9:22:00 PM

An anxious telephone call from Molly's sister, Kim, has her flying back to her hometown to take care of her sister's three-year-old daughter, Sara. Kim, a single mother, was in a serious car accident and is in the hospital. Molly is a prestigious lawyer and single. She left her home six years ago to pursue her dream and also left behind an ex-boyfriend, Jason. Their relationship broke up when Molly declared she wanted to become a lawyer. Jason wanted to become a veterinarian and have a family with Molly. He proposed to her but she wanted nothing to do with motherhood and raising kids. Molly left without even saying goodbye to Jason. What unexpected surprises await her at her sister's place? Molly soon discovers that you never know what might happen when you have to take care of a three-year-old for three weeks.

Molly is a day late due to bad weather. She is exhausted from sleeping in the airport all night. She locates her rental car and takes off. Her sister gave her instructions to retrieve her house keys and Sara at her next-door neighbor's house. She comes upon a pretty blue Cape Cod house and stops in the driveway to check the house number. Yep, this is the place. She brings her car to a stop further up the drive. Molly is nervous as she approaches the house door. As she rings the doorbell, she can hear laughter from within the house. As the door opens Molly is shocked! It is her ex-boyfriend Jason! He still looks as handsome as ever. Jason is taken aback with the sight of Molly also. After a moment, they both regain their composure. Molly is prepared to take Sara and leave since she is so tired. Jason mentions that he expected her yesterday. She flounders for words but manages to explain. Jason invites her in to become familiar with Sara. After all, it has been a while since Molly last saw her niece.

As Molly enters, she feels a familiar tug at her heart from the sight of Jason. Jason doesn't give her time to explore her feelings as he leads her into the house and Sara races into the room. Introductions are made. Molly notices how Jason has a natural way of dealing with children. Jason leads her into the kitchen to make some coffee and naturally, their gazes meet. Molly muses to herself that they have to quit looking at one another like that. Sara with her innocent voice interrupts Molly and Jason while they are talking. Molly is happy for the diversion. Will little Sara unintentionally bring Molly and Jason to their senses about their attraction for one another? What happens to Molly that makes her realize what she has been missing? Will Jason put his heart on the line and propose to Molly again?

ALMOST A FAMILY is a wonderful story filled with passion, a broken relationship, and family love. The main characters, Jason and Molly, have to overcome bitter feelings before they can move on with their relationship. Molly is a determined woman who knows what she wants or so she thought. I loved how she deals with her emotions and the inevitable conversation she has with Jason on their break-up six years ago. Jason is a fantastic, handsome lover and notices how pretty Molly has become over the years and aches to have her back in his arms again. Little Sara provides the perfect foil for the main characters' relationship to blossom. Donna Alward does a fantastic job of leading her readers on a wonderful journey of the heart. This is a delightful story that is endearing, sizzling, but oh so refreshing as a glass of cold lemonade on a summer day!

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