Almost Home

Author: Pam Jenoff

Publisher: Atria

Release Date: February 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Ten years ago, Jordan Weiss was an American graduate student enamored with her life at Cambridge University.  She had found good friends in Sarah and Chris, and had become the coxswain for Chris’ rowing team. Then she met Jared, a brilliant scholar and rower, and the two gradually fall in love.  Jordan was crushed when Jared drowned, and she fled London with all of its memories and reminders of the love she’d had and lost.

Now a State Department Intelligence Agent, Jordan has spent her career in the world’s hotspots, traveling wherever needed—with the exception of London, to which she swears she’ll never return.  But when she receives a letter from Sarah, now terminally ill with ALS, asking her to come to her in London, Jordan knows it is time to face her past, and requests a post in London.


What awaits Jordan in London is heartbreak and turmoil.  Sarah’s condition is worse than she’d let on; Jordan is assigned to a dangerous investigation that stirs up old friends and memories; and she meets a foreign agent to whom she feels an attraction—something she hasn’t allowed herself since Jared’s death.  And perhaps the most distressing of all is a note from Chris, now a reporter, who believes that Jared’s death was no accident—and he wants Jordan’s help in proving it.


Jordan is reluctantly swept into the past with both her personal and professional investigations.  It soon becomes clear that someone would prefer Jordan to stop her searches, and that someone is just as determined to keep the past buried as Jordan is to uncover the truth.


Pam Jenoff is a rare and wonderful find in an author—one who can skillfully blend history and humanity into a story so compelling that you can’t put it down.  I loved her World War II novels, and was anxious to read ALMOST HOME.  This book was definitely worth the wait.  Like her previous novels, ALMOST HOME relies on historical facts, and in this case current global politics, to drive the story forward and tie all of the threads together, but the characters are what make the book.


Jordan is an appealing heroine; I liked her strength, sense of loyalty and honor, and her willingness to deal with the past for Sarah and Chris’ sake, something she would not have done for herself.  The flashback scenes to Cambridge are bittersweet, giving the reader a sense of how the characters have grown over the past decade, and of just how much they all lost when Jared died.


ALMOST HOME is a choice pick for any fiction reader—the blend of suspense, politics, romance, and mystery will appeal to most anyone.  It will catch you in the first pages, and keep you engrossed throughout.  The second half of the book especially kept me glued to my chair and turning pages, and the ending completely blew me away! I’m already anxiously awaiting Jenoff’s next release, and know that anyone who reads ALMOST HOME will feel the same.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Leigh

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