Almost a Blind Date
By Red
Mar 25, 2006 - 7:58:00 AM

The last thing Melanie wanted to do was go on a blind date that her friend Sara set up. She was a strong independent woman but when it came to dating she needed a little shove, or so her friend thought. After a long day at work Melanie decides to join the gym, after seeing the sexy owner she is even more convinced.

Brett Phillips couldn’t get his mind off his new customer. She was beautiful and so easy to talk to. He found himself waiting for her to enter the gym so he could not only stare at her beauty but he genuinely loved the conversation. He felt like a school boy but with a man’s needs. Melanie wants so badly to ask him out but fear over takes her nerves and leaves her frustrated. Oh then is there is that dreaded blind date she cannot get out of.

What will happen when she reluctantly goes to out with him? ALMOST A BLIND DATE is a soft, sweet romance between two strangers that meet at the gym. Both are too afraid to admit the way they feel, to afraid of rejection. Once the fear subsides they come face to face with each other in ways they didn’t imagine.

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