Alone By Choice: Three of Swords: Tarot
By Leigh Ellwood
Apr 1, 2005 - 9:38:00 AM

Laverne has had it, had it with traffic, with her childrens' whining, and most especially with men. Sulking in the aftermatch of a bitter divorce, Laverne rejoices when a friend dumps a husband and takes solace in Internet relationships, particularly those from a George Strait message board and an ongoing IM conversation with one LongtallTexan.

Laverne is intrigued enough to take up her Internet paramour on his offer for a night of face-to-face, intimate contact, yet something holds her back. The thought of a one-night stand with a stranger is intimidating, yet her virtual friend is anxious to meet his Sassysexkitten, so Laverne acquiesces and arranges a date, that ends up in the steam interior of his pickup truck.


She still doesn't know his name, and she is certain she doesn't want to. Laverne tries to convince herself that she is better off alone. But Cagle, her long tall Texan, has other ideas, and for Laverne being alone, is not his choice.


TAROT-THREE OF SWORDS: ALONE BY CHOICE has no shortage of romance between Laverne and Cagle. The story's brevity enhances Davidson's characterizations, and the sultry sex scenes will please fans of erotic romance. Laverne strikes a realistic chord - a real woman with real problems, and real desires. She wants the best of life, but a touch of fear holds her back. She is human and believable. Cagle is endearingly sneaky in his efforts to woo Laverne, and how he does so is so devious and so romantic it's not surprising how quickly Laverne melts. No doubt readers will do the same.

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