Along Came Trouble
By Dottie
Mar 11, 2013 - 9:19:13 PM

Ellen Callahan’s pop star brother was in California, while, living right next door to his girl-friend Carly, she has to deal with the paparazzi as they try to snap pictures of her neighbor. Having divorced her cheating husband, Ellen and her son’s home is located in a small cul de sac. Unlike her brother, she had opted for a quieter lifestyle, attending law school before becoming a wife and mother. But lately, she has had to call the cops several times due to the persistent paparazzi and their cameras. They refuse to listen to her demands that they get off her property. Finally, frustrated after one tramples her carefully tended plants, she upends a glass of iced tea over one person’s head. That is the day she makes the acquaintance of Caleb when he comes to her rescue.

Caleb Clark, who owns Camelot Security, has been hired by Ellen’s brother through the Breckenridge company to beef up her security, after she made several calls to the police. After serving fifteen years in the army with honor, he is home, determined to put his family first now. He shares the house he purchased when he first went into the army with his youngest sister and tries to help his parents with their apartment building. His father had taught him all about handling household repairs and now that his father has had a stroke, he is determined to put that information to work, if he can get his mother to cooperate with him. He had used up much of his savings for his business, so he needs this contract with Breckenridge, which could ensure him much more business, if he performs well.

Moments after meeting Caleb, Ellen knows he is going to be trouble. After finally gaining her independence from her ex-husband, the last thing she wants is a bodyguard. So she makes it plain that she does not need him, despite her attraction to him, but the chemistry between them is too strong to resist and they end up spending a steamy night together. But Caleb wants more from this beautiful woman who is not interested in a relationship. Can he convince her that they belong together?

A scorching hot tale, ALONG CAME TROUBLE, the latest book in author Ruthie Knox’s CAMELOT series, is an emotion-packed, passionate contemporary romance that will capture your attention from the very beginning. I really liked Caleb right away and could not help rooting for him to win the woman that he loves. Even though I knew Ellen had been through a lot and could understand her resistance to a relationship, I did not see how she could resist getting into a relationship with Caleb. There is also an interesting romance between Ellen’s next door neighbor Carly and Ellen’s famous brother, Jamie, and Henry, Ellen’s young son is absolutely adorable. I enjoyed this story immensely. Packed with emotion, family dynamics, divorce, child custody, celebrity lifestyle, paparazzi, security, passion, humor, romance and love, this story is a delight. In addition, the characters are so realistic; it is easy to relate to them. Now that I have read this one, I am eager to read the next story in this delicious series, FLIRTING WITH DISASTER, due out in June, 2013. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and check out ALONG CAME TROUBLE. I highly recommend it!

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