Along For The Ride
By Lacey
Sep 1, 2007 - 8:10:52 AM

Megan Matthews is a straight-by-the-book detective that finds herself more than a little annoyed with crime scene photographer Ryan Lucas. Worse than a pesky fly, Ryan follows her around, consequently taking her picture in the process. Irritated that he snapped her breaking evidence at the crime scene by accident, she’s forced to take a month’s vacation from the precinct; the only up side being away from Ryan for the entire time.

Ryan’s crush on the sexy detective gives him determination to stop at nothing to gain Megan’s interest and, better yet, approval. She’s stubborn and hard-headed, but Ryan doesn’t give up. If anything, it only encourages him to pursue her more.  


So when Megan’s sister Kat and Ryan cooks up a scheme, creating a fake engagement, Megan is more than annoyed. Not buying into the reaction her family suspected, she plays along, leading them into a vacation where her days are spent with Ryan by her side, as well as in her bed.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book, cover to cover. The quirky dialogue is unique to the characters, putting the reader in the situation along side them, never missing a beat. Megan’s situation and her family’s interference is comical, though the passion she shares with Ryan in inevitable. Ms. Pillow’s writing is sophisticated and sexy, making ALONG FOR THE RIDE a must read.

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