Always Green (Garden Gates Series, Book 2)

Author: Patti Hill

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Release Date: August, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Mibby Garrett's husband, Scott, was killed in a bicycle accident and she has been left alone to raise their teenage son. When Ky isn't glued to his chair playing computer games, he's making a mess in the kitchen. Poor Mibby is doing the best she can to keep things together, but is slowly losing the battle to maintain her sanity. Are there any pearls of wisdom for her to discover in the parenting books she reads that will help her raise her son to be a man she can be proud of?

Mibby constantly worries about paying the bills, and with a severe drought costing her clients in her garden-design business, she wonders if she's in the wrong line of work. As everything that can go wrong does in Mibby's life, faithful friend and neighbor, Louise, reminds her of God's unfailing love for her, and in her own humorous way, helps Mibby stay grounded. When she attempts to date, Mibby finds the fish left in the ocean are mostly guppies and sharks, with very few prize ones remaining. Can true love be hiding right under her nose in the person of the delivery guy next door? Can he win her heart with Sweet Suzy cakes, her favorite treat?

Patti Hill is an amazing artist, painting word pictures with her watercolor pen as she writes her fabulous novels. Ms. Hill combines unique imagery with gardening terminology and real-to-life characters to paint amazingly beautiful pictures in the minds of her readers. ALWAYS GREEN is the sequel to LIKE A WATERED GARDEN, and is a novel sure to have gardening enthusiasts and mothers alike yearning for more of this talented new author's work. I have truly enjoyed reading the two novels in this series, and hope for more with bated breath and crossed fingers.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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