Always Time to Die

Author: Elizabeth Lowell

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: June 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: Print

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(Carly) May has known since her arrival at the Quintrell ranch that the only person who wants her around is her employer, Winifred Simmons y Castillo.  The Aunt of Presidential hopeful Governor Josh Quintrell and sister-in-law to the late Senator, Winifred is adamant that the family history be completed despite of the threat to her and to Carly.  As Carly delves deeper into the connections between the Castillo’s and the Quintrell families dating back to the early 1900’s she finds a pattern of deceit, abuse of power and a depravity that has been covered up till now.   When the threats start to come too close, Carly leans on the one man who might be able to protect her, Dan Duran.  A man who has lived through the wars of Afghanistan and has come back to recover from wounds both emotional and physical.  He knows the local history, the families involved and is dangerous enough to stand in front of her when a killer strikes in an attempt to stop Carly from getting closer to the answers to questions nobody wants asked.

Dan Duran hates it when someone stomps through a minefield; he knows someone will get blown up and Carly is stomping without care through the minefield of the past.  After he meets Carly and works with her in the archives of the local paper he is intrigued by her staunch work ethic, her loyalty to Winifred and in spite of his belief that Carly shouldn’t go stomping through the landmine field of secrets that is the Quintrell and Castillo family history he is drawn to Carly’s sense of humor and finds himself willing to protect her when she is targeted by a killer he believes is directly linked to her research.  His only hope to prevent her from being harmed is to help her expose the secrets that the power and money of the Quintrell family have worked so hard to hide.


Elizabeth Lowell has long been one of the premier best selling authors in the romantic suspense genre and ALWAYS TIME TO DIE is one of the best examples why.  With her trade mark complex characters and brilliantly executed plot lines you have a superb mystery with such subtle plot twists and turns that it will be a satisfying read for the most demanding of suspense fans.  Ms. Lowell leads Carly and Dan to the knowledge that they are meant for each other in such a manner that both her loyal fans and any new readers of Ms. Lowell will be turning page after page in an irresistible rush to find out if the deepest secret will be revealed before the killer strikes again.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Brenda Edde

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