Always Yours
By Amanda Haffery
Jun 15, 2007 - 5:14:00 AM

Kris thinks her life is going pretty well. Shea's been dating a man named Max for about a year. They don't have the most spectacular relationship, as he's in the military and gone a lot, but when they are together they have a good time. All of that's about to change though; when Kris has a nightmare involving a man she grew up with, a man also in the military. She dreams of him someone betraying and killing him while he is on a combat mission. Kris does the only thing she can think of; she telephones Dylan to forewarn him of things to come.

Dylan has always been in love with Kris. They have only shared one kiss, but it was enough to ensure that he would never forget her. When he receives the panicked phone call from her warning him of things to come, part of him scoffs at the warnings. However, when he embarks on his mission, Kris's dire warnings come true and only because of her predictions will Dylan escape with his life. Dylan can't believe it when he discovers the man who betrayed him and when he confronts Kris, she is destroyed by the news of the traitor. Will everything that's happened bring Kris and Dylan together or will Kris's unknown role in the events destroy the chance of them ever having a relationship?


This is the best Shiloh Walker book I've ever read! I am a huge fan of her paranormal books, so finding a book of hers in the contemporary genre was a big surprise. ALWAYS YOURS is a great story to read curled up on a hammock with an icy drink in your hand. The story flows so wonderfully from beginning to end. Kris is sweet, gentle and always tries to use her visions to help people. Dylan is sexy, dominant and very independent, not wanting to rely on anyone for help. I loved the back story on Dylan and Kris; how they first met, their first kiss and their undeniable attraction to each other throughout the story. The sex certainly heats up on the pages for these two and each scene is written to draw readers in making them feel like a fly on the wall. Full of intrigue, adventure, romance and passionate love making, ALWAYS YOURS is definitely a hit for Shiloh Walker. I will without a doubt be looking into reading more of Ms. Walker's contemporary books in the near future. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone I know!

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