Always the Bridesmaid
By Rhea Palmer
Nov 1, 2009 - 7:10:46 PM

Amy Edler is a busy girl, but she has been talked into supervising her best friend Lucy’s wedding as well as providing a three-tier masterpiece of a cake.  Unable to refuse Lucy’s request, Amy is working on Lucy’s wedding cake, making sure Lucy’s wedding planner is on top of things and all the while, Amy still has a bakery to run…alone.  She is the only baker at Edler’s Bakery and works extremely long hours to produce one-of-a-kind pastries and cakes.  Her previous life involved a distinguished professional career abruptly cut short and left her with a visible scar, which daily reminds her of how lucky she is.  Her emotional scars, however, are not as visible, but still continue to haunt her.  The only therapy she has is continuing to bake, bake and bake.  Focused on her work, she is a little put out when Lucy’s brother Jared Shaw appears on the scene, ready to take over planning, and he is arrogant enough to think he can simply step in and take over.  Not willing to bow down to Jared’s arrogance while fighting an insane attraction to this man, Amy is forced to hand over some of the control when Lucy’s wedding planner runs off with a bridegroom, who was scheduled to marry the next day.  Suddenly, Amy’s structured world of baking sweets has been turned upside down, as she struggles with the attraction she feels for a man who could have any girl in the worlda girl who doesn’t have an ugly, repulsive scar down her chest.

Amy Edler is strong, independent and emotionally battered, which could represent any woman in our society.  Her ability to be in control and her confidence battles with her insecurities and by a quarter of the way through the book, you will find yourself cheering her on.  Her battles go beyond running a bakery and dealing with the attraction of a man.  Nina Harrington does an excellent job in building the tension of this book to the point that you do not have a choice but to read it all the way through to make sure Amy is going to be all right.

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