American Girls About Town

Author: Jennifer Weiner, Lauren Weisberger, Adriana Trigiani

Publisher: Downtown Press

Release Date: August 5, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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MY GREAT BRIT BOOK TOUR by Adriana Trigiani

Anna Martinelli has been dreaming about doing her book tour in the UK for years with her new hit novel "Honey If Your Leaving Me Take Your Mother with You". But from the moment Anna and her family step onto the plane nothing goes how she planned.

FIVE by Julianna Baggott

Tilly knew when the feeling came it meant it was time to move on. Her family thought she was crazy as did her four ex-husbands but Tilly had high hopes that husband number FIVE would finally be the one.


LEAVING A LIGHT ON by Claire LaZebnik

Kathy was ready for a night on the town, one that started with a few drinks and ended with her not leaving alone. When a man named Larry sat down next to her she knew he was just the man she was looking for to spend the rest of her night with; even the wedding ring he was wearing didn't seem to slow her down.,,0_1000060979,00.html


MOVING DAY by Cindy Chupack

Madeline is dealt a blow when her husband tells her that he thinks he might be gay. Now Madeline must come to terms with the fact her husband is moving out.


YOGA BABE by Lauren Henderson

Her boyfriend Brian says she is addicted and this YOGA BABE would have to agree, there is nothing she likes more than Yoga.


THE TRUTH ABOUT NIGEL by Jennifer Weiner

Sarah has never had much luck with men, but when she met Nigel she thought maybe her luck was finally changing. Then one day while heading in to work Sarah learned THE TRUTH ABOUT NIGEL and she was once again left with a broken heart.



Rebecca was tired of her family treating her like she was five instead of twenty-five. Michael and she were in love and they were going to get married despite everyone's objections. Someone else is just as determined to see the wedding never happens and is sending Rebecca some very strange gifts and letters to let her know, things like a bride voodoo doll.



Katie has never done anything spontaneous before or even done anything by herself for that matter. She has always just gone along with what everyone else wanted, nodding her head in agreement; even when her boyfriend told her it was time for her to move in with him. All that is about to change when Katie decides to take an adventure trip to Viet Nam alone.

AMORE by Laura

Since Linda was just a small girl she has always dreamed of far away places and marrying a man that was from anywhere but America. Then Linda meets Raffaele and it looked like all her dreams were about to come true.



Andy needed to get away, away from her family and away from the memories of the man that she nearly called her husband. Heading to Paris for a much needed vacation Andy learns how to let go of the past and once again stand on her own two feet.


BAD MANNERS by Chris Manby

When Christine started dating a British man she thought she had finally met her prince charming; but he turned out to be nothing but a frog with very BAD MANNERS.

THE TWO-MONTH ITCH by Sarah Mlynowski

She was beginning to get THE TWO-MONTH ITCH as her roommate Moon called it when she would break up with her boyfriend to avoid a long term commitment. While flying to her parent's house she meets Bobby and must decide to cheat or not to cheat.


I KNOW A WOMAN by Quinn Dalton

A woman crashes a millionaire's dinner and gets kicked out by a handsome man. Later the two meet in the hotel bar and begin talking; she tells him all about a woman that she once knew and the valuable lesson that that woman taught her.


JUST VISITING by Nancy Sparling

When Danni's fiance, Tom, dumped her two weeks before the wedding Danni moved as far away from him and the small town they lived in as she could get. Living in London was not as glamorous as Danni thought it would be, so she made up stories and pictures to send to her mom about how great everything was going. Now Tom's sister Kim and her friend Michelle are coming for a visit and Danni must think fast if she is going to convince them of her great life.

FORTY DAYS by Jill Smolinski

In FORTY DAYS Donna Dawson is going to turn forty years old and there were still so many things that she has never done. So Donna makes a vow to herself to do one thing new everyday for the next forty days.


Tracy Spencer begins to reevaluate her life during a city wide black out in New York.


SMALL WORLDS by Gretchen Laskas

Marnie Hamilton is about to leave her husband for a man she met on the internet and nothing her friends said was going to change her mind.


AMERICAN GIRLS ABOUT TOWN takes the reader through seventeen stories about woman and the lives that they lead. Combined together, AMERICAN GIRLS ABOUT TOWN make a wonderful group of stories that I will remember for a long time.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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