American Idle
By Lady Novelistic
Oct 3, 2004 - 5:13:00 AM

As a media escort Jules Vernon has seen, done, and taken it all. Now after 2 years of taking abuse from the celebrity'
s she assists, she knows it's time to move on. Her first clue is when her latest psychotic employer manages to brain her with a saute pan. Jules' dream is to write a book but she can never seem to get past chapter one. Her guy pal J.B. thinks she needs to end the job hopping and finally find her niche in life. When she asks him to find her another job through his employment agency, she didn't expect him to once again thrust her into the nightmarish world of celebrity life.

Working as the new production coordinator on the set of Pop Stars Live, a reality T.V. series, is not what Jules quite had in mind. Her new boss and former actress Nellie Castano is a barracuda of the lethal kind who enjoys sinking her claws in to Jules at every available opportunity. Roger Scowls, who does as his namesake says, is a hypochondriac of the first order. Along with two other pc' s who at turns anger and crack Jules up can life get any stranger? In walks the gorgeous Sam Blake and Jules cannot help meeting him by hurling all over his shoes.


Sam is the set contractor and one serious piece of eye candy that Jules hungrily craves. His touch alone makes her forget the little jilted fiance fiasco thingy that still returns to haunt her. Enduring weeks of grueling auditions with wannabe singers has Jules rethinking it all until several of the new talents, start to show actual potential. Jules is suddenly caught up in the limelight and her career takes off with a powerful bang. Now dubbed by People magazine as the face behind reality T.V., Jules is finally realizing that her American idleness is anything but. That is until a present from her oversexed best friend arrives at the airport and throws Jules world into utter chaos. Now what's a girl to do when all of America is suddenly all tuned into her private life? Why get real of course!


New author Alesia Holliday has an amazingly uncanny ability of poking fun at celebrity's and reality T.V. But she manages to keep it all in a respective perspective that is refreshingly hilarious and comic relief at its funniest. With a zany cast of loveable characters that include bratty bosses, jealous girlfriends, sex toy bearing best friends, and a totally hot and handsome contractor that all connive to drive Jules into an alternate reality. Ms. Holliday serves up Chick Lit at its absolute finest. AMERICAN IDLE is written in the 1st person with a dialogue that positively delights as we are personally introduced into the madcap world of Jules Vernon. Can Jules end up for once with the ever elusive happily ever after? I suggest dear readers that you run out and get your very own copy of AMERICAN IDLE to find out for yourselves. It is the perfect idealism of contemporary romantic fiction at its best.

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