By Christina
Aug 1, 2007 - 11:01:25 AM

Thaine Russell is a bull rider who has just had a terrible accident. He wakes up in the hospital to find a stranger holding his hand. Thaine is confused and scared and the person he wants to see the most is nowhere to be found. Thaine can’t understand why his lover Jerry isn’t by his side or why no one will tell him where Jerry is. Jerry is astounded when he is learns that Thaine is asking for him. Despite the intervening years Jerry still cares for Thaine, and rushes to his side. Thaine is overjoyed to see Jerry, whom he still loves deeply. Jerry soon discovers that he still cares deeply for Thaine as well.



Drew is Thaine’s current boyfriend. He is relieved when Thaine finally wakes up but his relief soon turns to confusion and disbelief because Thaine begins asking for his old lover Jerry, a man that Thaine hasn’t seen in five years. Drew is horrified to discover that Thaine has amnesia. He thinks its five years ago, and he has no memory of Drew or their life together. In despair Drew turns to Thaine’s best friend Jesse for support. Jesse has always cared about Drew, maybe more than he should. He thinks that Thaine has been taking the young man for granted. He is happy to lend a helping hand. Drew is grateful for Jesse’s support, and he begins to look Jesse in a whole new way.


AMNESIA by Sean Michael is a tender and deeply moving novel about the enduring power of love. The story follows the lives of these four men, as they struggle to create firm and lasting relationships. The reader follows Thaine and Jerry and Jesse and Drew on their respective journeys. The reader follows Thaine and Jerry as they work to reaffirm their love, and rebuild their relationship. Meanwhile, Drew and Jesse discover a new passionate love in one another.


This is one of my favorite books by Sean Michael. Sean Michael has written a tender love story that is also extremely hot. I especially liked the contrast between the two storylines. Sean Michael does an admirable job of giving both storylines equal weight and depth. I highly recommend AMNESIA!

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