Amuse Me
By Amanda Haffery
Feb 4, 2008 - 1:27:54 PM

Megan, aka
Montana , is an author of sensual proportions. While at a book signing, her editor tells her the new owner of her publishing house wants to discuss a book deal. When Megan comes face to face with Blake, her world turns upside down. She may be reeling after her breakup with her louse of an ex, but her hormones don’t seem to care. Megan just wants to get her hands on Mr. Dreamy… um, Blake! She knows better though-you can't mix business with pleasure, you can't be friends and lovers—she's heard all the sayings before. Her head might believe her, but her heart sure doesn't!

Blake takes one look at Megan and falls head over heels in lust. He needs to feel her close to him. Using work as an excuse to get close to her, Blake suddenly realizes that he feels more for Megan than mere passion. How can he convince the untrusting Morgan that he wants a real relationship with her when she's been so hurt in the past? Where there's a will there's a way, and Blake is a very determined man!


AMUSE ME is a whirlwind of fun! Both erotic and romantic, this is a sure fire story to keep you engaged until the very last page. Megan is a complicated character, as she's still struggling with the deception of her ex and trying to move on with her life. When she and Blake meet, she's convinced he's just trying to prove that erotica writers are easy prey women and willing to work out the things they write about in their books. She doesn't think he really wants a relationship. However, Blake realizes he wants to spend his life with this hardheaded woman and needs to find a way to convince her he's in love with her. There is a lot of back and forth emotions in this story which really left me intrigued as to the outcome. AMUSE ME, while humorous at times, is also a very sensual and romantic story. Everything about this story made me swoon and really believe that there is the perfect person out there for all of us. Kudos to Lexie Davis for making me a believer!

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