An Amish Man of Ice Mountain - Ice Mountain series, book 2
By Diana S
Apr 21, 2015 - 3:20:56 PM

Joseph King grew up on Ice Mountain but left to keep watch on his younger brother Edward while working on the oil rigs. Joseph felt he needed to leave home before the disgrace of his youthful temptation was brought on his family. Finding a single mother with a four-year-old daughter living in their car was something he could fix.

Priscilla Allen was on the run hiding from her ex-husband. She had finally obtained a divorce from her evil preacher husband, but he would not acknowledge it and wanted her back for punishment. Getting a job at the inn where the King brothers were living, and meeting Joseph, made Priscilla believe her luck was changing. Joseph asks Priscilla and her daughter Hollie to come to Ice Mountain with him where they will be safe and away from the outside world. Priscilla's mother had been Amish before she left it to marry an Englischer. Priscilla knew some of their ways but not of the mountain Amish. When Joseph's family takes them in, she feels like maybe they will finally be safe.

Joseph finds a way to absolve himself of his disgrace. When Priscilla talked to Joseph about it, she made him see that he had been a victim of sexual assault. Joseph and Priscilla realize they have feelings for each other so they ask the bishop to marry them. The marriage is in name only so Priscilla can find a way to release herself from her past assaults by her husband. Living together as a couple is more than either one felt they would ever obtain in life. Will Joseph and Priscilla find a way out of their pasts and into a life of happiness?

Joseph finds out his brother has an alcohol problem after he comes back to the mountain to visit. He is praying for him but nothing seems to be working so he banishes him from the family home.

I love these books written about the mountain Amish of Pennsylvania. They are written with love and understanding by an author who was raised in the area. The words make the mountain come to life and you feel like you are walking through the meadows of wild flowers and the forests of animals.

I give this novel 5 Blue Ribbons on Romance Junkies' website because of the feeling of the possibility that miracles may come true. I would love to find a mountain like this to call home and release all my troubles.

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