An Accidental Greek Wedding

Author: Carol Grace

Publisher: Pocket Books

Release Date: May 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Sofia is beautiful and spoiled. She is also used to having her own way. When Alex turns down an offer to take over the business that Sofia's father owns, telling her he wants to start his own business, a heated argument follows and the couple goes to their separate bedrooms very angry with each other.

The next morning Sofia is missing and Jane must join the man she has loved for ten years to search for Sophia. Alex has no idea of her feelings and thinks that they are just good friends. As they travel from island to island, following Sophie's trail, Alex realizes that he never knew the Jane that is with him now. His feelings for her begin to change from good friend to something else, he just isn't sure what that is. After all, he is engaged to the beautiful Sophia and he does love her, doesn't he?
This is a delightful novel; the author has really entered the heads and the hearts of the characters. By the end of the story you will be in love with the beautiful Greek islands, as well as Alex and Jane. In fact, you will wish you were there with them for their adventure. And you will appreciate Carol Grace?s skills as a writer.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Gloria Trout

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