An Affair To Dismember: Matchmaker, Bk 1
By pamelalynne
Jan 1, 2013 - 1:57:43 PM

Gladie's grandma, Zelda, is convinced that Gladie possesses the ability to make matches like she does. That is how Gladie ends up moving back home, and familiarizing herself with her grandma's match-making business. Gladie is supposed to take over and run it herself, but she just does not think she can do it. Meanwhile, there has been a death/murder right across the street so Gladie's focus is more than a little off target. What starts as an innocent inquiry into her neighbor's death only leads to a million more questions, and Gladie just cannot keep her nose out of it.

Gladie first met Police Chief Spencer Bolton when she had a little incident up town that ended with her exposing her undergarments to all and sundry. Ever since then she has been on edge around him. Spencer seems to have the same thoughts that she does concerning the death of her neighbor... murder. Every time she digs a little deeper, Spencer is already there, and strangely her sexy new neighbor, Arthur Holden, is suddenly involving himself in matters. What really happened across the street?! Was it murder, and if so, who is the party responsible?! Gladie is determined to get to the bottom of it all. She can only hope she will make it out alive.

AN AFFAIR TO DISMEMBER is wicked good fun. I originally got this book because of the title. It sounded like a historical romance so I grabbed it up. When I discovered it was actually a contemporary mystery, I was not in the least bit deterred. I knew that a novel with a title like this was bound to be intriguing, and by Jove, it is. From the very first page, I became absorbed. I fell instantly in love with Gladie. She is unique, quirky and always getting into trouble. I can hardly wait to see what she will be up to in the next book.

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