An All Night Man
By Claudia McRay
Apr 1, 2005 - 12:02:00 PM

THE HUNTER by Brenda Jackson tells the story of Mallory Standish and Hunter Sloan.  Mallory and Hunter had one hot night together and have not seen one another since.  She thinks her brother-in-law is running around on her sister.  Unfortunately, Hunter is the only private investigator she knows.  Hunter agrees to help and in the process, he hopes to get Mallory back in his bed and get her out of his system once and for all.  Mallory still has feeling for Hunter, but doesn't trust him to be around forever.  These two will work on their own issues as Hunter goes on what he considers a wild-goose chase to find out who Mallory's brother-in-law is seeing on the side.  When he finds out just what is really happening with her brother-in-law, he sets a trap for Mallory.

JUST WANNA LOVE YA by Joylynn Jossel tells the tale of Jai and Sloan.  Jai is out for her usual Friday night on the town with her best friend.  They spy a table where one of the men is looking directly at them.  Jai's friend assumes that he's looking at her.  After all, they're both white and Jai is black.  Sloan fools them both when he offers his hand to Jai for the dance.


The relationship between Jai and her best friend is all but severed after Jai and Sloan began an affair.  Jai is falling more and more in love with Sloan.  She invites him to Sunday dinner at her father's house.  This whole scene at her father's house reminded me of a reverse 'Who's Coming to Dinner.'  She had not prepared her family for the fact that she was bringing home a young white man.  This puts a strain on their relationship, but when Sloan does something so out of character and makes her feel less than loved, the relationship becomes quite rocky.


NEVER SATISFIED by Kayla Perrin offers the story of Rachel Milford, a divorced woman who is busy with her Coffee, Tea and Mail venture.  She's had enough of the set-ups friends push her into and the boring dates.  Into her shop walks the man Rachel fell in love with as a teenager in high school.  Aaron Hayes was Rachel's English teacher.  He still teaches; however, he is no longer married and falls heavy for his former student.  She's hesitant when he suggests that she take up her writing again.  The abusive relationship she had with her ex-husband stands at the forefront of her mind and she hesitates to fall under the spell of another man, even if he was her first love.


Aaron's treatment of and time with Rachel gives every woman encouragement that there truly is a right man out there for her.


FANSTASY MAN by Tamara Sneed will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Olivia Hawkins has been asked by her brother to meet his client at the airport and make sure he goes to all his appointments.  The client is none other than Clark Stone, cinema heartthrob and not on Olivia's list of liked people.  Even though Clark is a frequent guest in her family's home, she is always putting him down or spilling stuff on him.  Needless to say, Olivia does not work for the family business because of her lack of tact when dealing with temperamental clients.


Clark encourages the limo driver to go to his hometown rather than staying around Hollywood and attending to business.  Olivia is totally stymied at his blatant disregard for schedules and commitments.  Clark insists on going home to congratulate his best friend who is getting married.


Their little adventure turns into something hot between the two of them.  Their antagonistic attitudes turn to something a little more personal as they work through their own real feelings for one another and then the media gets wind of what's happening.


These four stories will keep you entertained and prove that there is such a thing as AN ALL NIGHT MAN out there if you're patient.  I recommend this and look forward to reading more from these authors.

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