An Amish Christmas Quilt
By Diana S
Oct 20, 2014 - 2:25:37 PM


Mary Kauffman is a recent widow with two stepchildren and is pregnant. She decides she needs to get away from her overbearing father and go spend the festive season with her aunt and uncle. Before she can reach her aunt’s house, the new baby decides to come and she passes out alongside the road. With the help of a stranger, Seth Brenneman, everything turns out ok. Mary has decided she needs to decide what she wants to do and try to stand up to her father.


<Mathew Beider and Laurel Lapp have kept their courtship a secret because of the feud between their fathers. They go to the Bishop to tell him of their plan to marry. When Laurel is lost in a blizzard, Mathew sets out up Ice Mountain to make sure she is okay. He puts his life in jeopardy trying to get to her before he freezes. When the two young people spend the night in an old woman’s cabin on the mountain, it sets off a whole lot of soul searching between two friends who haven’t spoken in years. Will the holidays be ruined or a wrong set to right?

A PERFECT AMISH CHRISTMAS by Jennifer Beckstrand

<Anna Helmuth is a matchmaker and wants her grandson Gideon to come visit her for the holidays, instead of going to Mexico with his folks. Anna has decided that Gideon and Dottie Schrock make a good couple and wants to work her magic. Dottie is trying to make the holiday the best ever for her mother who was diagnosed with cancer the year before. She doesn’t want Gideon, and the feelings she is having for him, to mess up her plans. After Dottie is lost in a blizzard and Gideon risks his life to save her, Dottie realizes that her priorities are wrong and works to change them.

These novellas are all well written and show the power of traditions during the festive season. Each story has the making of a quilt for one special person that figures into the story. They show how family should always come first and that just being together is enough. I recommend this collection of novellas to anyone who enjoys learning about Amish traditions and how to enjoy what our faith brings to us during the festive season.

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