An Eternity Springs Novel, Book 3: Heartache Falls
By Dottie
Apr 26, 2011 - 12:39:48 PM

Alison ‘Ali’ Timberlake is married to a federal judge and has three children who are nearly grown. Her two sons are away at school and her daughter has just recently left for college. Her years as a stay-at-home mom are over. After high school, Ali had gone to college and obtained a degree in business. She had wanted to go on to culinary school but falling in love with Mac and an unexpected pregnancy had curtailed that dream. With her husband’s long hours at work, she has been left alone more and more and her marriage seems to be falling apart. When her friend offers her a job, reopening a restaurant in Eternity Springs, she cannot resist, even though it means leaving her husband.

Having grown up with an unfit mother, MacKenzie ‘Mac’ Timberlake had decided on his career at a young age. When his mother had been sentenced once, he had seen the power that a judge holds and he had wanted that same power. So he had set out the guidelines to his future and followed them carefully. Today, he was a federal judge, three years ahead of schedule, but he had spent many hours reaching that goal…hours taken away from his family. With his children all away at school, it should be a time for he and his wife to have time together. But with his work schedule, his wife spends a lot of time alone and he knows it is having an effect on his marriage.

Still, Mac is shocked when Ali announces that she is moving to Eternity Springs, where she has a paying job as a manager at the Bristlecone Restaurant. He had thought she was bluffing, but she went through with it. In his loneliness, he retaliates by buying a Porsche and adopting a dog, Gus. His children are concerned, but he does not know what to tell them. He also does not know how to repair his marriage or if he even wants to repair it.

For the first week in Eternity Springs, Ali stayed in bed and cried. But when she sees her husband mentioned on television and realizes that he is not lying around grieving over their marriage, she decides to get busy. Working in Eternity Springs, she begins to feel herself healing and though she had her doubts at first, she knows she has done the right thing. She does not know if she can save her marriage, nonetheless, she knows she needs this time to heal herself.

On a weekend visit to Eternity Springs, determined to win his wife back, Mac begins to experience the wonder of this Colorado town. But just as the couple begins to find some common ground in restoring their marriage, a secret from Mac’s past arrives in town, threatening to let loose with some truths from his past. Will their marriage survive this latest bombshell? Can the healing powers of Eternity Springs work its magic as it has done with others?

A delightful read, HEARTACHE FALLS, the third book in author Emily March’s phenomenal new ETERNITY SPRINGS series, is an emotional and compelling contemporary romance that I could not put down. Some readers will empathize with Ali as she suffers from empty nest syndrome and must decide what to do with the second half of her life, even as she fights to save her marriage. Between tears and laughter, readers will find this story brought to life right before their eyes as this amazing author pens an exceptional story of life, love and family. Wonderfully infused with an emotional plot, realistic dialogue, complex and compelling characters, witty banter, love, trust and second chances, this story, like the other stories in this series, is one for the keeper shelf. This story can be read as a stand-alone, but I believe even more enjoyment can be derived from reading the entire series. In this story, readers of the first two books in this series, ANGEL’S REST and HUMMINGBIRD LAKE, will be able to revisit the characters from those books. I highly recommend HEARTACHE FALLS to anyone looking for a heartwarming read and look forward to reading the next book in this series, LOVER’S LEAP. Fans of author Robyn Carr’s VIRGIN RIVER series should also enjoy this series.

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