An Invitation: Alayna's Training
By Natalie
Apr 3, 2010 - 5:23:46 PM

Logan and his business partner have been eating at Alayna’s small café for lunch for the past six months.  Every single time he walks into the door, his eyes seek out the beautiful owner.  When a card is left on his table for Alayna to pick up, she takes a chance and sets up an appointment to explore D/s hoping that Logan will be the one to ‘train’ her. 

Logan Abram is running scared. Since the death of his former submissive years ago, he has shut himself off from the dominant side of his nature.  Only with Alayna Valerian has Logan ever wanted to go against his promise to never have another submissive.  When she comes to his and his partner’s facility to ‘train’ and explore her submissive side, Logan refuses to train her.  But that doesn’t mean he refuses to know exactly what is going on – if he can’t train her, then he can possibly control how she is trained. And it isn’t until Alayna has had enough that things start rolling.  Logan doesn’t know what hit him.


ALAYNA’S TRAINING is more than just a book about D/s.  It is a novel about the effects that this lifestyle might have on the people who practice in the BDSM genre.  Logan’s character had some valid concerns, and while I wanted him to get over them quickly, I also appreciated his fortitude in withholding his heart until he was sure of Alayna’s feelings.  Alayna, however, was much easier to relate to as a character.  Her heart was totally dominated by Logan and she knew that she wanted him – and she was willing to do what it took to get him.  She totally gets an “A” for effort!


With just enough dominance to make me sweat, ALAYNA’S TRAINING explores the D/S lifestyle, the effects, and the total surrender to passion that comes with this type of trust.  It also shows one man’s surrender to that which he is scared of the most.  It was brilliant. 



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