An O'Brien Family Christmas

Author: Sherryl Woods

Publisher: Mira

Release Date: Sept. 27,2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Look out Laila, the O’Briens are on the loose! Laila has a fling with the town’s most eligible playboy, Matthew O’Brien, and her father catches wind of it.  Her dad gives her some choice words of advice, and Laila swiftly quits her job at the family bank, where she works with her dad. His advice includes respectability. She loves her job, but her pride aside; leaving is the right thing to do.

Laila thinks her ‘fling’ with Matthew was her hormones raging out of control, and she decisively breaks it off between them after her dad’s outrage. Was it really hormones, or is she in love? Little does Laila know, the O’Brien family has some tricks up their sleeve with Cupid in tow.


The extended O’Brien family is going to Dublin for Christmas, and the invitation extends to Laila. In fact, Susie, Matthew’s sister, insists that Laila go too, because the family matriarch, Nell, wants everyone to be together at Christmas and the family loves her. They see how Matthew was over the moon whenever he was with her, and his happiness means everything to the family. They want him to settle down and leave his playboy days behind. Laila decides that she will reign in her impulses since she is going because charismatic Matthew will undoubtedly be there.


Dublin holds many wonderful surprises. Happiness and love are blooming in abundance, ubiquitously there are O’Briens. Cupid has his arrow out and ready to shoot sparks of love all over! Even Nell meets up with a handsome fellow much to the family’s chagrin, but heck, she deserves some happiness too!


AN O’BRIEN FAMILY CHRISTMAS is a rare treat of Irish delight! O’Briens are spilling out of the pages everywhere in this new novel by Sherryl Woods. When Laila Riley whoops it up with the town’s well-known playboy, Matthew O’Brien, her dad gives her a lecture she won’t soon forget. Love, honor and pride aside, she quits her job and breaks it off with Matthew. Sneakily, the O’Brien family conspires to get them back together, and they all travel to Dublin for Christmas. After I happily tumbled through Laila and Matthew’s story, I feel inspired to treasure the time spent with my own family. Ms. Woods understands the importance of family, and she makes her secondary characters seem just as significant as the main characters in her story. Few authors display such a talent! This story is so precious, and it’s truly a celebration of life. If you desire a heartwarming family Christmas story, then this is the one to buy! AN O’BRIEN FAMILY CHRISTMAS is filled with fabulous friends, family and a pleasing love story at its heart.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele Rioli

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