An Unforgettable Lady
By Suzie Housley
Sep 20, 2010 - 5:25:06 AM

Grace Woodward Hall is listed as one of New York’s most prominent women. With this distinct title she finds herself the target of a serial killer. Grace knows that to stay alive she must hire a professional bodyguard.  John Smith is known as one of the best bodyguards in the business; he specializes in going above and beyond what it takes to protect his clients.  His diverse military background has sharpened his skills allowing him to stay one step ahead of his advisory.  When John is offered the opportunity to be Grace’s bodyguard, he accepts the assignment.

John knows that if he is to catch the killer he must be in complete control of Grace’s life.  To start with, he moves into her penthouse and then asks several of her staff to go on an extended vacation.  Grace doesn’t like all of the changes that John is making, nor does she enjoy being under such close surveillance.


As the days go by, Grace’s feelings towards John begins to soften.  She sees him as a man who doesn’t wish to share his private life with anyone.  She finds herself intrigued by the man of mystery.  Will Grace be able to tear down the mile high walls that surround John’s heart in order to be able to get to know the real person?  Will John’s protective measures be enough to stop a madman from succeeding in his plot to kill Grace?


Jessica Bird has written a superb offering in AN UNFORGETTABLE LADY.  Readers will be delighted at the ingenious way she is able to weave suspense on every page.  AN UNFORGETTABLE LADY quickly turned into an unforgettable book.  Whether it is writing as J.R. Ward or as Jessica Bird, one thing is certain, whenever you open one of her books, you definitely are getting the best that literature has to offer.




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