An Unlikely Father
By Betsy Callis
Jun 1, 2006 - 10:20:00 AM

Ms. Thomason weaves a tale of love and friendship that spans two generations. Archie and Finn were boyhood friends spending the summers drinking, fishing and chasing girls, until tragedy broke them apart.

Thirty years later their children meet. Attraction is instant. But Helen's father hates Ethan's and distrusts his son. Helen's confused by her feelings for Ethan as well as her easy-going father's anger. But then, she has her own secret.

Ethan Anderson has come to his father's childhood playground to open a seaside resort. The day he arrives a blond, smelling of fish, comes barreling around a curve in the road almost kills him. She spends endless minutes trying to convince him the accident was his fault, before she flees the scene.

Helen's most recent boyfriend fled shortly after learning he was going to be a father. Angry and appalled at her stupidity, Helen vows not to date out of towner's ever again.

Frustrated that his father will not let go of the past, Ethan works to restore the Inn. He draws Helen closer by hiring her to help with the renovations. As the resort comes together Ethan begins to unravel.

The cast of characters in this small town story have quirks to endear the reader as they intermingle with Ethan and Helen's budding romance.

A fun, casual read. I enjoy this authors writing style and look forward to reading more of her books.

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