Anastasia's Style
By Natasha Smith
Feb 5, 2007 - 1:03:00 PM

Anastasia Style owns her own business that caters to clients unable to go out and buy their own holiday gifts and decorations.  This Valentine’s Day is busier than usual and Anastasia has the bad luck to suddenly get a flat tire.  Not in the mood to give up the money a client has paid for last minute Valentine gifts, Anastasia mentally goes over what still needs to be done; call a cab, set up the client’s seduction, and last but not least, sign divorce papers. 

With everything prepared and ready for her client, Ana goes to leave and comes face to face with her husband - actually, her soon to be ex-husband if she can somehow get around him and out the door.  Surprisingly, he has other plans and is quite insistent that Anastasia stop and listen.


I loved ANASTASIA’S STYLE!  Loved it!  I adore reading books where the main characters find and connect with each other after a misunderstanding.  With ANASTASIA’S STYLE, I was treated to that and more.  N. J. Walter’s flair for bringing her character’s emotions to the surface never fails to entice me.  Once again, I was treated to a really good read just in time for Valentine’s Day!  I can’t get enough of this talented author!

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