Anatomy of a Boyfriend
By Lacey
Feb 11, 2008 - 5:32:11 PM

Dominique Baylor is a high school student with big plans for her life, and none of them included a relationship with a boy. Well, until she stumbles and literally falls at the feet of a gorgeous senior with sparkling blue eyes who wins her over in a heartbeat. His name is Wesley Gershwin and he's the star athlete for the track team.

The two hit it off from the beginning, yet when the relationship takes a physical turn, neither is sure what to do. Dom has never been with a boy intimately, and despite the rumors going around the locker room, Wes proclaims he’s never been with a girl either. They both think they love each other but after the relationship turns sexual, will life as they know it change for the better? Or will it be for the worse?

Daria Snadowsky dabbles in a topic not commonly discussed with ANATOMY OF A BOYFRIEND, making this read an interesting and intellectual take on teenage sexuality. Dom is a young girl that is finding her way in life who discovers her first love and all the hardships and heartache that goes along with it. Ms. Snadowsky portrays Dom in a way that the reader relates perfectly to her, going through her trials and tribulations as she does. The storytelling is crisp and fresh, and the romance is authentic. ANATOMY OF A BOYFRIEND shouldn’t be missed.

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