And I Love Her (Green Mountain #4)
By Jo
Apr 1, 2015 - 1:00:16 AM

AND I LOVE HER, GREEN MOUNTAIN #4, is set in Vermont and is Hunter and Megan's story and what a story it is.  He's a buttoned up accountant that has every day planned and that others can set their clocks by and she's a free spirit who wants no attachments due to a tragedy that occurred when she was eighteen.  They've known each other for years but she had a thing for his now taken brother, Will, for many of those years.  He's loved her from afar though he tried not to.  Will there be love and are they right for each other?

Force's AND I LOVE HER is the continuation of a wonderful series by one of my new favorite authors. I love that past storylines are included and that hints are given for future ones. The quotes at the beginning of each chapter were inspirational and many were from those in the business world since this is Hunter's story.  The Abbotts are a closely knit family that run businesses together, have meals together and go to each other for support and friendship and I wouldn't mind being a part of their family.  There are ten kids, their parents, their grandfather, cousins, many friends and animals including Fred the Moose.  They have their normal sibling rivalries and disagreements but that only makes them more real.  Megan and her sister, Nina, also have a very close relationship which includes Nina's husband, Brett, but they are off on an adventure and Megan really feels like she's being set adrift with no idea what her life will be like.  Watching Hunter swoop in to try and fix everything for Megan and show her he's there for her in all ways was interesting to watch especially since Hunter's world is turned upside down by Megan. His family also has some doubts about whether Megan is good enough for the oldest Abbott sibling and his twin, Hannah, is very vocal with her thoughts.  Megan often tries to distance herself from Hunter partly because of what she perceives his family's feelings are but Hunter is able to climb the walls she puts up and show her she has nothing to be afraid of, that he understands her and that he wants to take care of her and love her.  There was lots of loving and romance for many of the Abbotts but some darkness too especially since there are many layers to each of these complex characters.  There were a few unexpected twists to the story but they added realism to the storyline. There were some happily ever afters and nice closure and the epilogue gives us a hint of what's to come especially with their dad and grandfather once again up to their matchmaking ways!

The bonus short story at the end, A DAY IN THE LIFE, features Hunter and Megan working in the diner together and a nice surprise once they're home. The preview of the next book in the series which is a wedding novella, YOU'LL BE MINE, left me wanting more and I look forward to reading it as well as future books in the series and other books written by Force.

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