And Able
By Alane
Apr 1, 2006 - 5:52:00 PM

Claire Sharp has been working hard to reach her goals.  She's a couple of years older than a typical college student, but she's just a few exams away from her degree in computers.  Claire basically keeps to herself, although she has been renting a room in her friend Josie's house.  Josie, a former mercenary, recently got married and is away on a month-long honeymoon.  So when someone breaks into the house and threatens her, Claire assumes Josie was the intended target.  After all, why would anyone be after Claire?  In addition to a full load of college classes, she works in an assisted living care facility to support herself.  She has few friends and no family.  But another former mercenary isn't convinced Claire is safe.

Brett "Hotwire" Adams is a sexy southern boy and a whiz with computers and security.  He can't seem to keep his eyes off Claire, his mercenary buddy Josie's roommate.  Claire is a baggy jeans, comfy shirts, no make-up kind of girl, but Hotwire isn't the least bit put off by the sexless clothing.  She's a knockout in the bridesmaid dress she wears for Josie's wedding, after all.  When Claire's life is threatened, Hotwire takes it seriously.  He doesn't buy her theory that the bad guys were after Josie.  He'll be more than happy to keep Claire close and keep her safe.  But who will protect her from Hotwire?


Claire isn't used to anyone being especially concerned with her welfare.  And she can't figure out what Hotwire sees in her.  He doesn't just want to protect her; she gets the feeling he wants to devour her.  He refuses to leave her alone, not while her life is in danger.  Hotwire would never force himself on a woman, but he certainly makes his desires perfectly clear.  He wants Claire now, but he refuses to consider a serious relationship with any woman.  Can Claire resist his charms?  Hotwire isn't going anywhere until she's safe.  Will they figure out who is after Claire, and why?


I can't imagine a better conclusion to Lucy Monroe's Mercenaries trilogy than AND ABLE.  The clever, suspenseful plot and intriguing characters are blended together in perfect balance, with plenty of steam to spice things up.  I can identify with computer-geek Claire in a lot of ways.  She almost seems more like a friend than a typical romance heroine, which really drew me into the story.  And Hotwire ? Wow!  Who wouldn't dream of a guy like that?  He's sexy, protective, family-oriented and oh, so imaginative.  I hope Lucy Monroe is already dreaming up new heroes to rival these mercenaries!  Very highly recommended.

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