And Baby Makes Five

Author: Gail Gaymer Martin

Publisher: Heartsong Presents

Release Date: Now Available

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: PRINT

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Felisa Carrillo is nine months pregnant and working in the lettuce fields.  Miguel, her brutal, alcoholic husband died in a vehicle accident one month into her pregnancy.  She is doing the best she can; living in motels or out of her car, whatever she can afford.  Going back to live with her parents is not an option since they can ill afford her and her child.

Chad Garrison, the owner of the lettuce farm and Felisa’s employer, lost his wife and mother of their twin daughters when she gave birth to their stillborn son.  Since then, he has been withdrawn – rather, a shell of his former self.  As a Christian, Chad recognizes the plight of his workers and sympathizes with them.  He treats his workers better than some of the other area landowners do.  The depressed dad is having a problem keeping a nanny for his daughters and he is none too happy with Mrs. Drake, his present nanny. 


When Felisa sees her employer moving towards her, she tries to shrug off her labor pains until he passes by.  However, he is too shrewd and sees right through her ploy.  Within minutes, Chad has her in his truck and on the way to the hospital.  Fortunately, he gets her there just in time for the birth of her child.  Chad finds he is unable to turn his back on the pair and is soon assuming responsibility for Felisa and her child.  Before long, Felisa finds herself and her child ensconced in his home as an assistant to his housekeeper.  Though attracted to Chad, Felisa faces the fact that they live in two different worlds and fears that he has an ulterior motive for helping her.  After all, life has not been without a price for her. 


Chad finds that his feelings for his new assistant housekeeper are not those of an employer for an employee.  Seeing Felisa and her baby brings back memories of his deceased wife and son.  However, he knows that a relationship between them will be difficult due to the prejudices of some people.  Can they have a deeper relationship despite what some people may say? Individually, they each pray and turn the decision over to God.  What does God have in store for them?


AND BABY MAKES FIVE is a meaningful, uplifting and joyous Christian romance.  Filled with faith and love, this story is sure to touch the heart of the reader.  The hero and heroine seem to be meant for each other spiritually.  This novel addresses the issues of forgiveness and prejudice magnificently.  It is a reminder to readers to pray, have faith and put their problems in God’s hands.  AND BABY MAKES FIVE is the first book I have read by this author, but it has made me a fan.  I look forward to reading more of her works. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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