And She Liked It
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 3, 2013 - 8:27:23 PM

Janie’s senses are in overdrive – and it’s all because she can’t stop thinking about the attraction she feels for Paul.  She loves her husband and they did agree to the possibility of an open marriage before exchanging vows, but in all the years they’ve been married she’s never seriously considered having sex with another man.  What she can’t figure out now is why her husband is standing idly by watching as she’s seduced by another man. 

Edward loves Janie now as much as he ever has but he’s well aware that the fizzle has gone out of their sex life.  He’s seen the way Janie acts around Paul and has decided to encourage them to engage in a sexual encounter; the catch is he wants to watch.  Paul excites her in a way he hasn’t been able to lately and Edward’s hoping the evening’s activities will help restore the passion between them. 


Janie’s stunned when she learns that Edward actually wants her to have sex with Paul.  Aren’t husband’s supposed to oppose such things?  Not that the idea doesn’t have a certain appeal but she doesn’t want to destroy her marriage.  Its nerve-wracking trying to decide if she should just say ‘no’ and put a stop to everything before it goes too far or take the plunge and live out a fantasy.  Reassured of Edward’s love Janie consents to being seduced – and in doing so rekindles the ultra-hot passion that’s been missing from their marriage.


Marriage traditionally consists of only two people – a man and woman, but what happens when the love is still there but the passion is gone?  Divorce, affairs, secret drawer full of toys?  I think Edward, Janie and Paul might be onto something with their highly charged sexual encounter – and just think, there’s no deception in the whole scenario!  Voirey Linger’s AND SHE LIKED IT is a surprising romp into the forbidden with delightful results and a marriage that seems to be on more solid ground afterwards.  It’s a fast paced read with plenty of scorching sex – but also contains blatant honesty and an element of trust that brings it all together so that it becomes a romance instead of a candidate for Penthouse Letters.



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